Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back To Childhood : The Golden Days

woke up late that morning and it was quarter past 8. Now I decided to get quicky off to bed. I found A word Whirring About Me “ The Time Machine has activated now You are Back In Time’  “Welcome To Your Childhood”. I was scared About the sound that was whispering around Me. I Get off to the bed quickly At that instant I couldn’t understand what had happened around Me. While coming down from stairs from my room I found many changes in my house as slightly I remembered in my childhood as Its uncleared images is Going around in my mind. I was really worried about the strange things happening around me . thinking it of a bad dream, I decided to forget all the thing and focus on the present. I went to the bathroom as I was getting late for college. Now what I Saw was totally unexpected, I was standing in the front of the mirror in the bathroom I and I saw my height was decreased By twice as it was now. My consideration of it to be as bad dream proves totally wrong here. now my scary level was at its Peak. Thousand of things was going on my mind and I was going trapped in it. Suddenly, the voice of my mother falls on my ears, She was calling me  for breakfast. The Same idea stuck for my Mom too. When I saw my mom She Looks preety young as compared to nowdays. I asked Mom What is going Around Here? She Look Suprisely towards Me . She smiled & Replied Are You Still In the sleepy Mode? Morever She Said By The way ‘Happy Birthday Beta,today You Turn 5 year Old’ & She Gives a tons of Love and blessing. I could not believe what she Said, How can she wish my Birthday for Getting 5 years old who is actually 19 years of age. Now my doubt were cleared the Sound I had heared in the morning was not ordinary but it was really the Indication,a sign of Time Machine which had took Me 14 years Back.

Getting my childhood back was best felling in the universe. I did not think more about it because I had gone crazy getting my childhood Back. I wanna forget all how it would really happened and wanna enjoy these days Again. Every Individual has a dream to get back to the childhood golden Days again, I was in My childhood . ‘Childhood’ the age of innocence , honesty & truthfullness. A Man plays different age in different stages of life. Among all of seven age stages of life, chilhood is considered as golden Days of Human Life.Being very impish in my childhood days I too Wanna relive all the left memories, habits again. Childhood becomes weird without Impish habits of a child. I had got the golden opportunity To relive, regain, re-experiences those golden fairy momemts of childhood In life. Now I am 5 year old by the gift of time machines. now I’m go for Playing in the ground with Friends and it was one of my Favourites time pass since childhood.

Now that I had got the chance and I am going to lost in my childhood friend Circle. Playing in the park like Hide and Seek, running, slider and with Hanging steel Thing.The Most interesting Part I will Do in my childhood is to live Freely And confidently with No Boundaries. Exploring the thingswith full Face and staying Fearless & fight For the thing I need and even sometimes going Crazy to own it. “Memories Plays an confusing Role In life it Makes You happy When You are sad & makes you sad when your Are happy”.

 If I could really get a chances in real Life to go back to my Childhood Days, I Would never return back from those golden days. Just imagine, if retrospecting those stories gives a sign of unblemished moments, what would happens if feelings meets reality. I would pray to god that he make It possible to return back To Childhood Days Again and would request Him to, Let me never return back from childhood Days if Possible.

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  1. few spelling mistakes as felling for feeling,innocent for innocence,etc otherwise a very good narrative

    My WOW postBack To The Future

  2. Thank you! :)
    Have Corrected it. Thanks For Mentioning

  3. Exactly my feeling. I wanna back my childhood:)

  4. Really nice attempt :) Hope to see you as a well known writer soon :)

  5. Sure dear. It would be my pleasure :)
    Thank you! :)