Monday, June 15, 2015

The MaxFreshMove

It was a new phase of my life as I’m going to start a fresh new college life. We were two best friends and we have decided to take admission in the same college no matter were it would be. We took admission in same college and we were enjoying the college life. Everything went smooth and we didn’t realize that its been one year of college life. The college life has its own perks. A new city, new kind of people and of course sharing of different kind of thought. We have passed the first year of college successfully but it has many up’s and down’s .Sometimes I didn’t matched up with the situation. When a situation comes like I feel stretched, Pressurized, and not likely to found interest I just need nothing but to jazz up myself.

Everyone has its own way to live their particular life. Yes, I believe that getting life is so much special we all should live it but that doesn’t mean in a wrong way cursing your life. According to Swami Vivekananda “In a day, when you don’t come across any problems then you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path”. Yes, I totally agree with him. Everyone has many problem in their life. You can’t find a single person on the earth who don’t have any sort of problem but the thing that matters is how you deals with it and ensure to overcome from it by jazzing up your life. isn’t it?

I believe everyone should have that one source of entertainment which helps the person to pause the stress moments of life and refill the mind by freshness. Everyone might have different way of bringing the freshnes be it like Travelling, Dancing, singing and many more. Yes, my source is my Music. Not only me but my friend has the craziness about it. Music is my best way of bringing my freshness along with Dance. Music helps me escape from the reality I live in. Whenever I listen music closing my eyes, I found myself in a new world where only my daydreams supremes. Retrospecting those tiny dreams and the moment spend with happiness. One of the famous musician said “If you are Happy you enjoy the song, if you are Sad you Understand the lyrics” that’s why Music has been my closest way to Fill the fuel of freshness of car called ‘life’.

When we talk about Dance and Music, I don’t find the perfect combination except Allu Arjun and Anusha Manchanda. They both have proved himself in their respective field.To watch their performance people go crazy. They really charged the situation with exciting thrill when Sensational moves of Allu Arjun and Anusha Manchanda’s magical voice come together. We were are on our holidays as we have completed the first year of college and we have cancelled the plan of going home this time just because we had come to known that both the Sensational Allu arjun and Anusha Manchanda is going to perform this time at our College Festival. That moment was really exciting because we have got the best Opportunity to jazz up the whole day.

Everything was Going Smooth and easy and then their comes a twist in a story. We all are all set for the College festival which is going to be held in upcoming two days. My Friend is really giga excited for the Festival. All the students who were there for the Festival were just hanging around. We gather all together along with my best friend. One of them recommended for the pizza party. Why not? Responded the guys. We are finally up for the pizza party outing tonight. We all are on different Vehicles and we are all set. My best friend said that he is coming with one of his friend as he have some sort of work on street. we don’t known what a big dangerous situation is waiting for us. We find that all of our Friend has Reached the destination except my best friend and the guy along with him. We are Worried for a while. I called my best Friend , First I didn’t get response from him. Secondly, when I called him back a men with different voice other than my friend received the phone call.  ‘’Hello, your friend is badly injured. He got an accident with car” Please come here as soon as possible. I was just stuck where I was. I had lost my thinking power, I don’t even known what should I do now? We all however anyhow  reached to him admitted him to the Hospital. We all were just Praying for both of them however there's  an improve in the condition. 

Life has thrown me to that situation were decision are hard to make. One Side there is a change to meet the stars and on the other hand Friend’s life. No matter what but I have to choose my friend’s side and the day arrived. The day where we are going for the meet and greet along with with a thrilling performance. I didn’t realize Where I lost my pass for the College festival. That evening I went to him in the hospital I clearly told him that I’m not attending the Festival. I have never seen my friend in such an anger mood ever. He was really annoyed with me with the statement. He teaches me seriously that he is like my elder brother and he pleased me not to leave the festival. I will never forget his sacrifice moreover I attended the festival by his passes only. It was such an exciting Thrilling Performance by Both Sensational Stars at the Festival. I meet both of them. What a day. They teaches us how to charged the situation when both of stars of Music and Dance come together. We wish both of them a successful journey with lots of love and We all are very Thankfull to them for visiting our college and making it a great Success.

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