Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dripping Roof……

Seeing through the ‘window’ of hope,
From the sound of my soul, My heart whispered ‘I wish I could have joined them’.
The divine bliss, The Rain life…

They are the kids of ‘no one’, United by the bond of unrivaled Happiness.
Lost in the world of ‘Mud’ in the impish rain, the partner in crime..
What a scene it was, The life I crave for...
I wish I could have joined them…

What a life rain offers, Heavenly indeed.
By its conspiring call, To behold in the arms of unpredictable joy.
I wish I could have joined them…

I wish I could be the drops of rain,
Falling freely from “ The Dripping roof” Into the family of “Similar faces”…
In the land of ‘No Religion’ with mutual understandings,
To the ‘Unreached’ destination with the ship of planned dreams…
I wish I could have joined that journey, I seriously admire.
I wish I could . . .

Pic credit : Sammya Brata


  1. Beautiful... every word, feels like Raindrop in your post...

  2. Well Said Harsh .. I love rain as much as you do .. Lovely description given in poem . :)
    Keep writing

  3. nice harsh mishra ji.. keep it up bro, have a look i thing you like it best part time offline jobs for college students

  4. Thank you Men! :)
    I'm happy with what I'm doing. It's not the right time for me for all this things :)